Featured Spiritual Artist - Srimati Syamarani Didi


Throughout the year, we promote our Spiritual Art Festival, and appreciate the help and assistance of Spiritual Art Volunteers.

Spiritual Art Volunteers are Spiritual Artists, Sacred Art Loves, and Devotional, Interfaith Art Promoters.  You do not need any experience, we shall train you!

You can help support Srimati Syamarani's vision & mission for Spiritual Art! 

Volunteers hand out flyers and other such promotional materials in their own neighborhoods, email and invite their friends and family on facebook, attend festivals such as Earth Festivals in San Deigo, Orange County, Topanga; Bhakti Fest & Shakti Fests; Soka University; Topanga Days; the One Love Fest; and other such Music, Eco, Interfaith, Kirtan, Yoga, Art, Peace and Multi-Cultural events with our team.

At our promo booths, Spiritual Artists have the opportunity to promote themselves, our goals and missions, and promote our Spiritual Art Festival.

If you are interested in becoming a Spiritual Art Volunteer, please contact:


How Syamarani didi has supported Spiritual Artists and this SpiritualArtFestival.com Event!

Syamarani didi has rented space at the AVANTE CENTER for our 1st Annual Spiritual Art Festival!

Syamarani didi has purchased and distributed through her devoted street team ... 20,000 postcards advertising and promoting our Spiritual Art Event!

Syamarani didi has funded, inspired and promoted books, spiritual art, and booth fees at the following marketing, promotion and broadcasting events: 

April 21-22 - San Diego Earth Day

April 22 - Topanga Earth Day - Topanga, CA

MAY 5th - Soka University - International Festival

Join us at Soka University's Annual International Festival in Aliso Viejo, CA.  Every year over 6000 participants gather at this gorgeous World Peace Center.  Just being on the grounds will have you at peace with the world.

We will have art, books and blessed food booths at the Soka University International Festival on May 5th in Orange County.  If you are interested in helping us promote our Spiritual Art Festival at this event, please contact joya

May 11-13 Shakti Fest - Joshua Tree, CA

May 11-14 Women's Retreat - Mother's Day - Sedona

Joshua Tree Music Festival - May 18-20, 2012

May 20th - World Fest - Orange County Earth Day

May 26, 27, 28th - TopangaDays.com - Topanga, CA

 Syamarani herself will be at this event... promoing the event and selling ART!

Ongoing Marketing, Radio Show, Networking


We will be building community, sharing each other's gifts, and working together towards the goal of World Peace by Mother's Day, May 2013 by uniting Women in Circles of Love Around the World.

Using arts, media, education and the highest vision for the world, we shall be gathering and marketing Women's Circles and promoting spiritual art worldwide via our online magazine, radio show and live broadcasts.

Stay tuned and get connected ... http://www.WomenInternational.net 

Networking, Marketing and Promo .. http://www.HighestVisionMagazine.com 

For more information, please contact Joya Comeaux:


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