Featured Spiritual Artist - Srimati Syamarani Didi



 Help Us Tell the World About Amazing Spiritual Artists!

Spiritual Art Sponsors support our Spiritual Arts Festival on a yearly basis.

By supporting our nonprofit operations, our sponsors give a voice to Spiritual Artists worldwide, as we grow our outreach from our local communities in India and Los Angeles to the world. 

Our featured artist, Srimati Syamarani, travels the world continually, and promotes Spiritual Art and Spiritual Artists to a global outreach in India, China, and all parts of the globe.

When you become a Sponsor of our Annual Spiritual Arts Festival, you are not only making a difference in Los Angeles, but in the world.

Let us help you get your support of Spiritual Artists out to the world!


$1008 - DIAMOND


$250 - GOLD

$108 - SILVER 

All Sponsorship Levels are acknowledged at our event, on our website, on Facebook, and by word of mouth of all of our grateful global Spiritual Artists.

If you would like to make a difference, and promote our global outreach: 

Contact:  Joya 


 Your Nonprofit, Corporation or Foundation Can Help Broadcast to the World!

Does your nonprofit, corporation or foundation support arts and education programs for youth and adults?  Do you appreciate Sacred Art, Culture, Interfaith and/or Ancient Vedic Culture?  Do you want to support an effort to keep all sacred cultures alive via ART?  Do you wish to promote the need for souls to express their true nature with a global movement to proliferate Spiritual Art into the world?  

We need your help. Your grant support makes a difference.  We are seeking grantors that want to invest in taking our message global via Broadcasting.

We need your support in co-creating a global platform through which we can get our Spiritual Artists message of "love and appreciation" out to the world.

Green, peace, love, devotion, appreciation, awareness, enlightenment, higher consciousness, highest vision, spirituality, all of these are really words for a global movement to allow humanity to express their divine nature and live in the passion of excitement of what they do for money.

Art is a talent.  Devotion is a practice and a goal.  We want to help humanity live into their true divine nature by doing what they love to do for money.

If your corporation or foundation aligns with this goal, we would appreciate the opportunity to build community and global unity via our global movement of spreading Vedic Philosophy, Culture and Ancient Wisdom to the world.

If you have an interest, and would like to join our Spiritual Art supporters, or become a supporter of Srimati Syamarani's global Spiritual Art Movement, and help this event happen in your area of the world:

Please contact: joya comeaux (kamala didi)  


 Soka University Art and Book Distribution Donated $200 to our Festival!


We know that the benefit of giving is receiving.  We appreciate any tithing or donations that are freely and willingly given from the sale and promotion of Spiritual Art.  All gifts will be greatly and gratefully utilized to further our goal of supporting a global movement for Spiritual Art made with sacred devotional "love & appreciation."



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