Featured Spiritual Artist - Srimati Syamarani Didi


Spiritual Art is our window into the Spiritual World.  

Syamarani didi invites all spiritual artists to express their love for God through their Spiritual Art, and wish to help them create/earn a living doing their service to God in the form of Spiritual Art by giving them a FREE space through which they can promote, learn, grow and elevate their spiritual art and artistic talents in a like-minded Spirituality in Business and Spiritual Arts Community. 



Gaura Premanandi Devi Dasi specializes in Arts and Crafts for Children.  She will be heading oup our Kid's Art Zone.

This shall be a special place for kids of all ages to experience their own joy of creativity and art by being or becoming a kid again.

We invite you to contribute your own art supplies, time and talent to making our Kid's Art Zone a very special, fun and enlivening place for Kids of All Ages! 

G Premanandi Devi Dasi
Gaura Premanandi Devi Dasi
Gaura Premanandi Devi DasiGa


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