Featured Spiritual Artist - Srimati Syamarani Didi

About Our Annual Open Spiritual Art Events

Our 1st Annual Open Spiritual Art Event was held in Los Angeles at the Avante Center at 10am on June 2nd, and went until 10pm.  It was a great success!

We will be posting next year's dates and venue as determined, based upon your feedback, expanded word of mouth and global online marketing participation.

During the year we will also be hosting pre-events around the world.  So lets see what evolves, and work together to create abundance for all spiritual artists. 

We invite all spiritual artists to Register for next year, fill out our Post-Event Survey, send pics and videos (or links to youtube.com videos)for the website to: venicetemple@gmail.com, and use the Forums page to let us know about what is going on with you, the art that you would like to present, showcase, or sell, or any other comments and suggestions so that we can do our best to assist you.

We ask that all spiritual artists continue to promote our event to grant makers, donors, Vendors and Sponsors, Volunteers, spread the word, and invite others so that we can be assured that all of our efforts are rewarded by effectively getting your Spiritual Art out to the world, which is our goal.

Our featured spiritual artist, Syamarani Didi, will give a presentation and her vedic art and knowledge, and will be available to mentor all during the event. 

Srimati Syamarani is a treasure that is waiting to be shared with other Spiritual Artists and with the world.  It is time to open up to all forms of spiritual art, whether it be Vedic, Islam, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Catholic, Islamic, Jewish, and/or any and all pure love and appreciation of the Divine in any and all forms of Interfaith and Culture Spiritual Art.

Every Year We will Grow & Promote Spiritual Art!

The flow of Spiritual Art is meant to be out in the world.  With these times of anxiety and uncertainty, Spiritual Art calms the spirit and the soul.

Mostly channeled by higher sources and taught by Divine Masters, sacred art is one of the many ways that the world can tap into their own Divinity.

We are all souls living in a body, and we are under the illusion that we are this body.  

Spiritual Art helps us to awaken to our true nature, our divine soul that is anxious to awaken to the truth of its divine nature in this lifetime. 

Srimati Syamarani is one of the true lights of love on the planet.  She is unceasing in her devotion to her Spiritual Masters and the Spiritual Art of Bhakti Yoga, the Yoga of Devotion.

One of the many ways that Srimati Syamarani expresses that devotion is through her ART.  Having gained so much love and appreciation for this path, and seeing so much and many artists around the world with gifts to share, she offers all Bhakti Artists a venue to share their work and work together towards an ongoing yearly event to promote, learn and share. 

Srimati Syamarani in Los Angeles! 

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